This site is primarily for users of Collocate. (See ParaConc and MonoConc) It is possible to order Collocate for immediate download from here, but for normal orders, visit or send email to Collocationary


Collocate is a Windows software program that can be used to find collocations or terms in a corpus. The program is sophisticated but at the same time intuitive and easy to use.

There are three main components:

1. Search for a word (phrase) within a set span (e.g. 4 words). The program lists all the collocations containing the search word and provides frequency and/or statistical information (Log Likelihood, Mutual Information, t-score). The use of wildcards allow for a variety of non-contiguous word sequences to be identified. The bulk search option is useful for finding the collocations associated with a list of words

2. Produce an n-gram list for the corpus. n-grams are similar to lexical bundles

3. Extract collocations from the corpus as a whole, given a span size, such as 2 to 6 words.

This version (1.1) is available for free from

Version 2.1 has additional features: lexical bundles, p-frames, and concordance lines for any of the extracted collocations or phrases.

Price $39. Site licence. $325 15-users for 2 years.

To get the software immediately for individual use ($35), click on the BUY NOW button. The transaction and link to the software is processed through You will be directed to where you can pay by credit card info and then given the link to download the zip file. You will also be sent the link via email.

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Collocate development


The unicode conversion has been completed. The next step is to include a conversion utility that handles different file formats, including UTF-8.


The main upcoming change is a rather complex conversion in order to handle unicode. At the moment, the software can be used with Chinese or Japanese (assuming it is segmented) as long as the corresponding version of Windows is used. The software is relatively new and it is expected that the software will evolve considerably. One development being planned is to be able to show the statistical scores for collocates for a number of positions in relation to the keyword: 1st left, 2nd left, 3rd left, etc.

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